angularjs rails simple_form name

when using rails simple_form and angularjs for form validation

= simple_form_for :address, url: account_path(, 
                            method: :patch, wrapper: :custom,
                            defaults: { input_html: { required: true } },
                            html: { name: 'addressForm',
                                    novalidate: true,
                                    'ng-submit' => "addressCtrl.submitForm(addressForm, $event)" } do |f|

    = f.input :address_1, input_html: { name: 'contact[street_address_1]', 
                                        'ng-model' => 'addressCtrl.address.street_address_1', 
                                        'ng-init' => "addressCtrl.address.street_address_1='#{account.street_address_1}'" }, 
                          wrapper_html: { 'ng-class' => "{'form-field--error': addressForm['contact[street_address_1]'].$invalid && addressForm['contact[street_address_1]'].$touched}" },
                          error_wrapper_html: { 'translate' => 'address.error.required.street_address_1', 
                                                'ng-show' => "addressForm['contact[street_address_1]'].$error.required && addressForm['contact[street_address_1]'].$touched" }


given input name

  name: 'contact[street_address_1]'

angularjs calls it by:


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