Hello there, welcome to my code & development notebook.

It is not for beginners; I assume that you already have some knowledge in programming and since it is a “notebook”, I don’t go into details in explaining the code (I also renamed a lot of the variables, methods, etc… just as a quick example). I am not a guru; I am still advancing my skill set, so please do enlighten me if you see anything I need improving on, much appreciated (:

some facts abt me:

– My last year of studying EE, I was mostly programming in C (micro-controller) and MatLab (image data analysis), and I very much “enjoyed” spending my nights in the lab and library coding away.
– One of the many reasons I studied EE was because of this
My dad is an EE, so when I visited him at work, I got to “play” with these (retired motherboards), and I was thoroughly intrigued, and I was like, “Daddy! I wanna make a mini city too!”

& finally – WORK HARD, PLAY HARD, im one chic developer (;


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